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SIMEOX - Efficient and Fatigue-free Bronchial Drainage


The device works by diluting bronchial mucus and draining it using air vibration during the exhalation phase. Simeox generates low-frequency vibrations, which liquefies secretions and transports them to the upper airways (bronchi). Once it has collected there, the secretions can be coughed up more easily and independently by the patient, without putting too much strain or fatigue on him.
For whom?
The treatment is dedicated to patients with obstructive respiratory diseases with copious secretions.
Particular benefits of the procedure are achieved by
- patients with cystic fibrosis
- patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia
- patients with COPD
- patients with bronchial dilatation
- patients with pulmonary fibrosis and asthma
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Price list - Autogenic drainage therapy - SIMEOX

10 treatments

180 PLN

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