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Kinesiotaping is a therapy involving the application of elastic or non-stretch tape in a specific manner, on the body of the patient.  Dynamic plastering, by increasing the space between the skin and muscles, has an analgesic effect, the use of tapes causes relaxation of the muscles and reduces their tension. Plasters are used to stabilize joints. It also very common to use them in sports.


- injuries and contusions such as muscle tears, sprains,
- defects of the spine and chest
- paralysis of the facial nerve,
- pain syndromes of the spine and limbs (such as kinesiotaping of the knee, shoulder and neck),
degenerative pain,
- lymphedema,
- swallowing disorders,
- occurrence of extensive bruising due to trauma,
- scar therapy,
- malalignment of the feet,
- auxiliary - in reduced muscle tension,
- therapy for neurological patients.
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