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Endurance training


The training is conducted on cycloergometers and treadmills It takes place in a continuous or interval way with the use of Polar system for monitoring efficiency parameters.
Endurance training has many advantages:


Improving the efficiency of the circulatory system :
- Increasing the efficiency of the heart muscle,
- Increase of cardiac output
- Stimulation of blood flow,
- Reduction of resting heart rate,
- Improvement of peripheral blood circulation ,

Increase of lung volume
Increase of oxygen capacity
-Increase of hemoglobin and erythrocytes
- oxygen supply to all body cells
Strengthening of joints and tendons
Proper functioning of hormones
Faster recovery
- Faster utilization of toxic metabolic products
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Price list - Performance training

Cycloergometer (cycling training)

30 minutes - PLN 15

Cardiovascular cycloergometer

30 minutes - PLN 30


30 minutes - PLN 15

Cardiovascular treadmill

30 minutes - PLN 30

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