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Electro-stimulation is an electrotherapeutic procedure using low frequency pulsed currents. . It is used to induce contraction of a muscle or a whole group of muscles, as well as in pain therapy and to improve tissue trophism.

Electro-stimulation is used primarily in physiotherapy, for damaged muscles, in paralysis and paresis of the flaccid type. This treatment is designed to prevent degeneration of the denervated muscle until the damaged peripheral nerve regenerates.


  • spastic muscle paralysis
  • purulent and inflammatory skin conditions
  • heart diseases
  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • tumors and nodules of unknown origin, including the period indicated by the doctor after their  surgical removal
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Price list – Electro-stimulation

1 treatment

PLN 12

10 treatments

PLN 100

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