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Hypertension consulting

Poradnia Internistyczna
doctor Agnieszka Zagrajek

Hypertension is often a lifestyle disease, one that occurs in highly developed countries and societies. Symptoms of hypertension in the early stages of the disease are unnoticeable or not very characteristic, but nevertheless it is important to know them. The most common symptoms that may indicate hypertension include:
- dizziness,
- nosebleeds,
- difficulty sleeping,
- facial flushing,
- shortness of breath,
- excessive sweating and hot flashes,
- fatigue, even with little exertion,
- a feeling of pressure in the head,
- increased heart rate, even at rest.

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Price list - Hypertension consulting

Hypertension consulting

180 PLN

Holter monitor RR

PLN 120

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